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Purification Programs


Standard Process and MediHerb offer several purification programs to detoxify the body. These programs are structured specifically to cleanse the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. Patients are instructed to eat whole, organic, unprocessed foods while taking whole food supplements and drinking plenty of water.


Why do you need to purify your body?

Purification or detoxification can help you to rid the body of internal and external toxins to help the body function optimally. Our bodies produce internal toxins as a result of normal metabolism. We are exposed to external toxins daily such as chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, medications, make up, and lotions. Even though the body is designed to rid itself naturally of these toxins, sometimes it can become overburdened, causing various symptoms. Purification can not only rid the body of these toxins, but reduce weight and restore normal vitality.


Symptoms of a toxic body:

Brain fog, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive distress, low libido, food cravings, inflammation.


This is not a diet!

This is a program to cleanse. The purification programs by Standard Process are designed to nourish, purify, and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. The emphasis of whole foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, whole food supplementation, and limiting processed, refined, high-calorie foods, and saturated fats to restore the body to optimal function. 

21-Day Purification Program


This program provides a nutrient-dense diet along with whole food supplements to cleanse the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. This program is a foundational component in a lifestyle change to adapt better eating habits, better cellular function, improved digestion, increased energy, improved sleep, and weight loss. Patients can lose anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds while on the program, average weight loss is usually around 10 pounds. This program can be tailored to individuals who do not wish to lose weight while detoxing the body.

10-Day Blood Glucose Program


If you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or simply struggle with sweet-tooth cravings, this program is designed to help abolish sugar cravings, improve the function of the liver and pancreas, allow cells to better utilize glucose, weight reduction, and overall system detox.

10-Day Female Vitality Program


Whether you are a menstruating female or one who is going through or has been through menopause, this program is designed to help balance homorne levels to ease symptoms of PMS and menopause, increase fertility in menstruating females, improve sleep, and increase stamina and energy levels, as well as overall system detox.

10-Day Inflammation Program


Most of us are familiar with inflammation when we suffer from an injury and can see visible swelling, as in a sprained ankle. However, this is just one form of inflammation. Arthritis, autoimmune disorders, allergies, irritable bowel, and colitis are a few examples of chronic inflammation where the body is experiencing stress and irritation causing an increase in immune function. This program is geared towards detoxing the body, reducing inflammation, healing the gut, and restoring the immune system to normal function. 70% of the immune system is found in the gut, and coincidentally all inflammatory chemicals are produced in the gut. Boswellia, Ginger, Turmeric, and Black Currant Seed Oil all help to reduce inflammation while Cyruta Plus provides Vitamin C and bioflavonoids to help heal, repair, and improve blood flow to the tissues. 

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