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Yoga Classes


Dr. Heather currently teaches yoga in-person at CrossFit Surmount (next door to Back to Basics) and on Zoom. Her schedule is as follows:


Sundays "Power Flow" 8-9:15am at CrossFit Surmount and livestream via Zoom

Wednesdays "Flow to Yin Yoga" 7:15-8:30 via livestream on Zoom

"Power Flow" is a power vinyasa style of yoga commonly referred to as "flow yoga". Vinyasa literally translates as "to place in a certain way", but more often is noted by linking poses together by using the breath. This smooth flowing, dance-like yoga takes Sun Salutations and sequences of poses to build heat in the body, while sycronizing the breath with each movement to find "meditation in motion". A power vinyasa class utilizes various poses to strengthen the body, improve balance, increase core strength, and gain flexibility. Dr. Heather specializes in teaching arm balances and inversions, so the sky is the limit in where you want your yoga to go! Like all styles of yoga there are many physical and mental benefits. It is not difficult to see and understand the physical benefits of yoga, which is typically the reason people turn to yoga for exercise. However mentally, by syncronizing the breath with movement it allows the mind to relax, increases mental clarity, improves focus, and decrease stress. People of all levels can participate as there are modifications to suit every body. Beginners and advanced yogis can enjoy a vinyasa class with all its challenges by taking it to a level that is appropriate not only for the level of experience, but also for the present state of the mind and body. Set to upbeat, rock-alternative music Dr. Heather's playlist will keep you going and add to the fun!


"Flow to Yin Yoga" is a blend of Yin, restorative, and basic yoga where 90% of the class is done on the floor. Unlike Power Flow, where a pose may only be held for 5-7 breaths, in this class we may stay in a pose for up to 3-5 minutes. The use of props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets is very important in this class as it helps support and aid a person into a pose with ease. We focus on releasing tension in the muscles, but also stabilizing the spine, hips, and shoulders with various exercises. This is a very relaxing class, also known as "Adult Naptime"! Perfect for beginners, but a fantastic balance to the Power Flow! 



























If you do not enjoy a class setting and are looking for gentle, pre-natal, Yin, core strength, or restorative yoga, Dr. Heather is available for private and semi-private lessons too. 


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